Supply Chain Selective Services

Now offering a la carte services to meet your needs

The Medcost Difference

Healthcare's leading strategic supply chain partner for non-acute providers

System Integration Services

MedCost integrates non-acute sites into a centralized supply chain with a clean roster, actionable data, and more

On-Boarding Services

MedCost handles non-acute onboarding, rostering, licensure, enrollments, maintenance, training, and more

Contract Aggregation

MedCost aggregates volume, providing access to enhanced contract pricing tiers and more

Platform / Supplier Implementation

MedCost provides data cleansing, SKU reduction, standardization, contract activations, roll-outs, training, and more

We Bridge the Supply Chain Gap

MedCost typically operates as a fully functional purchasing department & supply chain support for IDN’s, physician offices, surgery centers and other non-acute healthcare facilities. MedCost can also provide a host of a la carte services based on your individual needs. MedCost collaborates with Supply Chain, site level staff, GPO’s, distributors and manufacturers to establish efficiencies and lower and stabilize costs.

We Think Outside the Box

Our mission is to reduce supply chain expenses without compromising quality. We identify pain points and develop strategic solutions to maximize efficiencies and client satisfaction. MedCost consultants and procurement specialists are proactive advocates for all non-acute health care facilities and are dedicated to saving time and money. MedCost delivers turnkey solutions with a combination of automation and personalized services guaranteed to address all pain points.

“Service levels have increased significantly. Even better, the fee we pay MedCost is offset by the savings we achieve.”

From the article "Mercy Health - More than a Name Change."

Journal of Healthcare Contracting, April 2015

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